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Change of director at im体育官方网站

After more than 20 years at im体育官方网站, including 16 years as an owner and CEO, Ralf Astrup has chosen to retire from im体育官方网站. The new CEO is Lars Ryholl, who since 2018 has been employed as COO.

In 2016, Ralf Astrup and Jan Helskov Hansen sold 80% of the shares in im体育官方网站 to the American company CTB, Inc., which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Now, nearly five years later, Ralf Astrup is selling his remaining shares to CTB and will finish his term as Chief Executive Officer on November 1, 2021. Jan Helskov Hansen, continues as co-owner and in his position as CFO.

“im体育官方网站 is stronger today than ever. The accounts for 2021 appear to be one of the best results in the company's history despite the global challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it. And with CTB as majority owner, im体育官方网站 is financially solid and equipped for the future. I therefore believe that the time is now right to change leadership. I confidently leave the management to Lars Ryholl, who has the right experience and personality to be at the forefront of the company's continued growth and the unique im体育官方网站 culture,” said Ralf Astrup.

The future CEO and head of the company's approximately 300 employees was recruited from its own ranks. Lars Ryholl joined the company in 2018, when he was hired as Chief Operating Officer.
"I am proud to have the opportunity to lead im体育官方网站. It is a unique global company with unique products, a strong culture and skilled employees. I look forward to leading im体育官方网站's development and growth in the coming years,” said Lars Ryholl, who will start in his new position on 1st November 2021.

im体育官方网站 Chairman of the Board, Marc Plastow, said: “After a long process, where we also assessed several external candidates, we have ended up with the best solution of all. Namely, that we have an internal replacement for Ralf Astrup. I am very confident that Lars Ryholl will lead im体育官方网站 into the future. At the same time, I would like to thank Ralf Astrup for these good years together, where we have brought im体育官方网站 well into the CTB family.”

im体育官方网站, which has 230 employees on Roesbjergvej in Haarby and 60 employees in Katy Wroclawskie in Poland, is a subsidiary of CTB Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company. im体育官方网站 develops, manufactures and markets innovative, high-quality processing equipment for the food industry worldwide. CTB Inc. is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of systems and solutions for preserving grain; producing poultry, pigs and eggs; processing poultry; and for various equestrian and industrial applications.

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